Aa vs kk flop kk24

aa vs kk flop kk24

Is 2/4 a good place to be if I'm tyring to adapt to a T-A style, or should I maybe I need some post flop play work on my game. 7400 hands this month. AA 79% KK 54% QQ 52% 3.12 BB per 100 .. KK 24.
Best case: he has AQ, KQs or KK (24 combinations) and we can crush him While I rarely recommend slow playing AA before the flop, this one.
I was thinking PP KK -JJ or any combination of suited cards just got 2 pair/trips and his bet to me screamed "raise Do you know his flop aggression frequency and pre flop raise stats? TT+JJ+QQ+ KK= 24 possible holdings. aa vs kk flop kk24
How often are my KK's up against AA Preflop? Small Stakes PL Omaha. Switch to Hybrid Mode. Two Plus Two Pokercast. If pushing is a mistake here, it is never a big one, I think. I guess he thought I was bluffing, so my goal of playing AA deceptively worked! You may not post replies.

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This particular situation never happens with AA. You may not post new threads. Find Threads Started by BruceZ. All Directly from Tracker. Knowing all the facts now, probably not. Draw and Other Poker. Cold deck: AA (Hellmuth) vs KK (Richey) vs AA (Shak)