Who are aces and 8s members choice

who are aces and 8s members choice

While the members of the Aces & Eights group in TNA have previously been reported as former WWE stars Luke Gallows, Chris Masters and.
EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: TNA Aces & Eights members Wes Brisco with a few choice words about Chris Sabin and his "fluke" title reign.
On the July 19th Impact, Aces and Eights were all over the show. to see this group consist of a mix of existing TNA talent and new members of the roster. . Domino is another great choice!.as long as he doesn't have to.

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Ryan, who was voted off the TNA Gut Check challenge earlier this summer, is making a strong statement by appearing on select Impact! Sting tried to make the save, but was also beaten down. One thing is for certain: Everyone must stay tuned to find out. Kaz goes for Fade to Black but it's blocked. Roode immediately tags in Daniels.
Aces and Eights Members revealed who are aces and 8s members choice

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If he got the option, I could see him taking it. Gail shoves Taryn back by her face. He sort of has Samoa Joe's build, but he looks too white and a tad too tall to be Joe. Brisco crawls out of the cage but Angle pulls him back with the ankle lock. After winning a feud, Mr. Another tag to Hernandez for some double teaming.