Albanian language

Albanian language

(digraphs, every of them are regarded as one letter). in contrast to several European different languages, Albanian words haven't any silent letters as well as.
The Albanian language belongs to the Indo-European family of languages but has its own specifics, similar to Greek or Armenian, which means it does not have.
Albanian is an Indo-European language spoken mainly in Albania and Kosovo by about 7.6 million people.

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Albanian language By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Therefore, he believed that the word Shqiptar meaning Albanian was derived from shqipojwhich in turn was derived from the Albanian language word excipio. My language learning experiences. Click here to cancel reply. Wiesbaden, Germany: Otto Harrassowitz.

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Help About Wikipedia Community portal Recent changes Contact page. Policies and guidelines Contact us. This exceptionally archaic form of. This little-known language is being researched using all available texts before a comparison with other Balkan languages is carried out. Kosova, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. International Albanian Language Course The World's First Online Albanian School. The first, with the fewest borrowings, was a time of less important interaction.