Android phones having kitkat os

android phones having kitkat os

With the holiday buying season coming up, you might be tempted by some With all the cheap devices out there still running Android KitKat and the . the highest percentage of android OS is Kitkat in android device market.
Android 4.4 Upgrade List: Devices That Have Received KitKat .. would not update HTC One X phone past its current Android OS level.
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Android phones having kitkat os - official

Chetan Bhawani We could vouch for that only if Samsung had already sent the updates to at least the higher-end devices by now. Anyone here any ideas on next steps? A Day in the Life of a Remote Worker. I want to restore my previous android version there any way to do it such that my android OS gets restored without my device getting rooted?? Would really love the upgrade to KitKat! Check whether you own one of these devices, which could be getting the KitKat version of Android sooner or later. Deals — Save money on the best Android gear, accessories and software. And finally, in late April, the Republic Wireless version of the Moto X started to see KitKat arrive. I have the same phone and I VERY MUCH doubt it. This is just the initial list, which is subject to change anytime once we keep seeing some actual android phones having kitkat os or leak from the sources. Give Me A Feedback. The chances are very less for those models Reply. android phones having kitkat os