Battlefield 4 dice camouflage cake

battlefield 4 dice camouflage cake

To complete the challenges for the Phantom Camo in Battlefield 4, but the latest may have just taken the cake in terms of difficulty. DICE LA dropped a multi- step Easter Egg into the release the new Dragon Valley 2015 map.
130+ Battlefield 4 wepaon camos in 8 different camo classes. DICE added weapon camos in BF3 with some of the expansion pack, but the.
Get the coolest gear with this Battlefield 4 Easter egg walkthrough. JJJU.” JJJU is known for his creation of other elaborate Easter eggs but this one probably takes the cake. What you get is the exclusive DICE LA camo.
battlefield 4 dice camouflage cake [Battlefield 4] DICE LA Camo Easter Egg