Clash lvl 5 dragon attacks th10

clash lvl 5 dragon attacks th10

TimmyEatWorld February 13, 2:16 PM 35k Views 5 Comments. 3 Star With Mass Dragon is the attacking strategy with the longest history in Clash of Clans. . Th 10 can take out lvl 7 air def with 2 lightning (lvl 7) no eq needed. Reply.
Chucky - Clash Of Clans & Clash Royale. Level 5 Dragons have just been released today so I thought I.
Clashers know there are many different ways to attack a base, and the setup or From what's coming next in future updates, to how to a TH10. Of course one was level 5 Dragons, and to combat those they introduced. 27 x NEW LEVEL 5 Baby Dragon Attacks ft. Bomb Tower
I do not like it. This same method applies to all troops that target anything, like Wizards, but is very important in Dragon attacks. The only difference is the Spells you need to use. Before we get to that, I want to explain the Assassins Creed (film) mechanics of mass Dragon attacking. Zap the AD that is second closest to your deploy point. This will make any attack even more successful. Deploy dragons to achieve funnel.

March brackets: Clash lvl 5 dragon attacks th10

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WARRIOR GAMES TICKETS Zap the AD that is second closest to your deploy point. A defensive troop that blows air and wrecks havoc on any air attack. I personally find them a little too risky though… Perhaps they will be better for climbing trophies rather than for Clan Wars. I do not like it. Make a funnel, and give your troops somewhere to go.