Clash of clans town hall 7 dragon defense setup

clash of clans town hall 7 dragon defense setup

Learn how you can use Mass Dragon from Town Hall 7 to Town Hall 11 Mass Dragon is the attacking strategy with the longest history in Clash of Clans. Taking down Air Defenses with Spells; Deploy Dragons on the.
---Best Defense Strategy for Clash of Clans Town Hall Level 7 - The Anti Dragon Hogs Air Sweeper BEST.
It's time for the new TH7 Clan War Era with much better strategies which requires Anti-Balloons: All Air Defenses are protected by Air Traps and other Defenses, .. This is the best base that I have used so far at Town Hall 7!.

Clash of clans town hall 7 dragon defense setup - free

Thank you very much for the report again :D. Do you think I should change anything in it? Thank you very much for sharing this Drizk! Most attackers start attacking from the South because ADs are much easier to get from there and yes, the Dragon army will get blow away and spread out. Request max balloons in your clan castle, and then deploy balloons at the bottom to get that bottom air defense only when it starts attacking your dragons Not a great defence. What apps you guys use to do screen caps and record videos? Will Potter Looking for your defense logs Juni! Will Potter Good luck with alchemists laboratory man! I will very appreciate it! Make sure to join and have fun!! Dropped rest at top.