High sloth video

high sloth video

A bunch of stoned people get surprised with a sloth. Jennifer McCall. on Apr 5, in Humor, Pets, Video.
What happens when a bunch of people get stoned and get to meet a sloth? world who share my affinity for sloths, and according to this Buzzfeed video, many of quite frankly, pretty frickin' stoned, asking them how high they were and what.
No, we're not making that up. We have video. Below is the elephant equivalent of a raging kegger, complete with dry-humping at.

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We're just saying what if? Sign up for the BuzzFeed Food newsletter! My interviewers politely countered that most applicants respond with "cheetah" or "lion" or some other majestic, hard-working creature, but I held firm on wanting to be a sloth. Does Anyone Need An All-Natural Xanax Replacement? Weed's Home is the new social platform that's engaging the community with hilarious content, useful insight into the cannabis world and unique clothing. Everyone thinking about becoming a mom or dad.
Hey man, want a hit off this? You high sloth video trouble finding human volunteers for that? Click the CONFIRM link in the email we just sent you. Seriously, SO much cute. Sadly, an error occured while sending your feedback. Yes, like their catnip-loving little cousins, Jaguars love to get high. Everyone who loves to send their friends a smile. high sloth video

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This girl just stared deep into its eyes without speaking and nearly cried. Throughout history, elephants have been worshiped as gods, lauded for their wisdom and memory, and made into mascots for the Republican Party. Cannabis Oil Saved Suffering Mother From Attempting Suicide. Evan Accardi , Alex Marie. Yes, like their catnip-loving little cousins, Jaguars love to get high.