Transformers robots in disguise optimus prime new form

transformers robots in disguise optimus prime new form

For the 2001 cartoon, see Transformers: Robots in Disguise cartoon). of a ghostly Optimus Prime, who directs them to a nearby space bridge. True to form, Steeljaw plots to rise through the ranks of this new army.
It was revealed in Transformers Robots In Disguise episode Pilot (Part 2) that Optimus Prime was able to maintain his physical form to help Bumblebee and his.
In the new teaser we get a whole new color palate for O.P featured in the Optimus Prime. Prime & Ready. Transformers Robots in Disguise Thank You Windblade and Scanning A New Paint Job
Peril from the Past Though the Autobots gained the location of Cerebrosthe key to activating Fortress Maximus, Cerebros was snatched from their grasp by the Decepticons. Jack promised Optimus to keep the card safe. Though Dreadwing kept his word, Megatron ordered the Vehicons to attack while he and Dreadwing escaped, but luckily the Autobots trashed them and went to Arcee's aid merchants accepts paypal credit Optimus comm her on her stasis, which she was left trapped in Airachnid's web. Optimus later took Koji to see the Autobot base, during a series of Predacon attacks on trucks around Metro City. Optimus almost had the upper hand, but Megatron had him in his grasps.