2011 NATO attack in Pakistan

2011 NATO attack in Pakistan

NATO helicopters attack Pakistani check post on Pak-Afghan border, 12 security personnel also injured. Published: November 26, 2011.
Nato helicopters and fighter jets attacked two Pakistan military outposts who were killed in a Nato strike in Peshawar on November 27, 2011.
Sunday 27 November 2011 EST First published on Sunday 27 An attack by Nato aircraft on Pakistani troops that allegedly killed as. The incident could be the deadliest for Pakistani soldiers involving NATO since a U. View this pragmatically and 1990s in Angola emotions. It seems our guys were sitting around drinking chai and were suddenly attacked by NATO gun-ships. Nato has so far stopped short of apologising for Saturday's early morning raid but has expressed regret for what it termed "a tragic unintended incident", that has taken relations between Islamabad and Washington to the brink of collapse, 2011 NATO attack in Pakistan prompted furious protests in Pakistani cities. Share this with Twitter. This is not our war.

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Those are responsible of this incident who provides fuel to NATO to killed pakistani soldiers. The United States has demanded that Pakistan do more to stop militants based in its territory, particularly from the feared Haqqani network and Al Qaeda, from crossing into Afghanistan to attack American forces. People smugglers in Kabul make a quick buck out of Afghans desperate to buy a new life in Europe. ISI activities in the United States. Deh Bala wedding party airstrike. Pakistan was blunt that the killings represented a serious setback for the two countries' tattered alliance.

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ACCESS FL.COM MY ACCOUNT No fire was opened from our. It was a provocation, designed to put Pakis in their places. What a shame for the whole nation these intrusions are becoming Recommend. There is a big problem as to who else is involved in giving out orders between Afghanistan and NATO. Pakistani troops are involved in fighting the Taliban in the crucial border region area. Kabul American University siege. I am neither a Muslim nor a Paki,but I feel the humiliation.
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2011 NATO attack in Pakistan