Aa vs kk vs qq odds

aa vs kk vs qq odds

Maybe I should start with the odds of being dealt either AA KK QQ, then times As an aside, some people hold up AA vs KK as evidence of site  Folding KK Preflop by pokernutts.
AQ vs KJ, AQ wins 60%. AT vs KQ, AT wins 58%. AA vs KK, AA wins 80%. AA vs 22, AA wins 80%. AA vs 76 suited, AA wins 77%. A2 vs JT, A2 wins 55%. KK vs.
I got KK all in against QQ and JJ, and it held in a 1/2 live game. don't know the odds but I had AA 3 hands in a row once and the odds of that are. The ladies as the hand is commonly known amongst poker players can make your day or break your heart. Get the Edge on Poker — Top Advice for Beginners. Poker Freerolls Want to win real prizes without risking anything? You raise before the flop with KK and are re-raised an amount that would commit both you and your opponent to the pot if you call so effectively all-in. Of course it can pay to find the poker sites at which opponents are not smart enough to understand the implications of assessing odds and probabilities.

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Sports-Betting On Football How It Works. Can an alter boy actually have street cred, kevconnorsespn? If you enjoyed this article. Those looking at betfair poker tips note that the most common scenario for an AA vs QQ situation would be either in a poker tournament where the stacks are much shallower and the money would go almost certainly go in preflop then. Feel free to utilize our printable copy, as well! Any pro will tell you: poker is less about gambling and more about knowledge. Sometimes the lower pair can hit an unlikely straight or flush to prevail against the higher pair but this is very rare, even more so in the case of AA vs KK as the kings are ranked so closely aces.