Aftershock game educational insights

aftershock game educational insights

Aftershock! Genre: Abstract Strategy. Format: Placement / Tile-Laying Games. Other: Spring Sale Manufacturer(s): Educational Insights. Please Login to use.
It's a dizzying race against the clock to place your block without starting a tower- tumbling AFTERSHOCK! In this fast-paced, talking electronic game, players race.
Aftershock - Beat the Clock Balancing Game GAMES 2 TO 4 PLAYERS Educational Insights Diecast scale models. James Paul Gee on Learning with Video Games

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You can play Aftershock! A great electronic family and party game. But you're not racing against other players, you're racing against a timer that's trembling and ticking away. Fun for young and old. This multi — leveled game of speed and coordination is fun for the entire family. Hunker Down: The Hurricane Game Review. In this fast-paced, talking electronic game, players race to build a tower of blocks before the timer activates the shaking, quaking tower base. Apply for a QCard. This item is not available at this time. For more information, view our Shipping Information. Fun for young and old. Take a look at this Aftershock Game by Educational Insights on zulily today! But you have to move fast-after just seconds, the vibrating aftershock shakes the tower and sends blocks crashing to the ground!