Best things about being a doctor

best things about being a doctor

Top 10 Reasons to Be Happy You're a Doctor from our mail, one might think that being a doctor is not one of the world's coolest things to be. You can apply that knowledge to making the best decisions for your own health.
I know how best to access a busy consultant and how to push the receptionist at the GP surgery for an appointment. Photograph: Thomas.
Here are some of the most important and decisive reasons to undertake the journey to becoming a doctor or a nurse: Of course, we think you should see a doctor — and not just the one in the mirror. Just by virtue of your profession, you earn respect in your community — not as much, perhaps, as previous generations but more than you might think. This makes my career both emotionally and intellectually fulfilling. So many patients are rushed to the hospital each day in critical conditions. Precisely these reasons make the white coat one of the symbolic achievements of studying medicine. best things about being a doctor

Contest: Best things about being a doctor

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Steps to Becoming a Doctor