How does 3 lefts make a right

how does 3 lefts make a right

Do you have a question that mainstream science refuses to answer? Are your theories and experiments so bizarre that sensible people tell you.
Good comeback to two wrong don't make a right Three lefts make a right ;) . Adding a wrong (negative) to a wrong (negative) does not produce a positive.
Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right but Three Rights Do Make a Left. By Seymour Papert. This learning story was excerpted from The Connected Family: Bridging.

How does 3 lefts make a right - official

I love the fact that we're having this silly argument. So many people have left comments about the different meanings of left and right. Please include your IP address in your email. Add vanilla to the beaten eggs, then mix in the sugar and spices. RECIPES KEEP GOOD TIMES ROLLING. Relient K-Chapped lips, chap stick, and things like chemistry [Lyrics in Description]