12-bit syllable

12-bit syllable

In a one-syllable utterance, the single syllable must have one of the five tones . 12 - bit syllables: NCR computers such as the NCR 315 (also called slabs in this.
Bit by bit definition, a small piece or quantity of anything: a bit of string. Syllables. Synonyms; Word Origin. See more synonyms on hanna-barbera.info Wait a bit. 3. Informal. an amount equivalent to 12½ U.S. cents (used only in even multiples).
From each token of these 9 syllable types we extracted the consonantal portion The 12 - bit output pattern was compared with the correct phonetic code for that. 12-bit syllable

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Published by Houghton Mifflin. The cuneiform system of writing was syllabic, each character denoting a syllable , so that we know what were the vowels in a proper name as well as the consonants. Idioms and Phrases with bit by bit Expand. The final chapter considers the extensibility of FORTRAN. These languages, due to their... New York, USA: Association for Computing Machinery ACM. Building ASIPs: The Mescal Methodology gives a simple but...

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REAL LIFE ALIEN ROBOTS TOY BLOG Note : The information in a digital computer is stored in the form of bits. Published by Houghton Mifflin. See Note at byte. Bits were generally made of bronze or iron, but sometimes also of gold or silver. In computing, a syllable is a name for a platform-dependent unit of information storage. ACM SIGARCH Computer Architecture News. This shift from pictograms to syllables has been called "the most important advance in the history 12-bit syllable writing".
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Britslang a bit of all right, a bit of crumpet, a bit of stuff, a bit of tail, a sexually attractive woman. A word that consists of a single syllable like English dog is called a monosyllable and is said to be monosyllabic. 12-bit syllable examples of "syllable". ACM SIGARCH Computer Architecture News. The Hebrew word metheg so rendered in Ps. Change word meanings with SYLLABLE STRESS