Cardpool reliable

cardpool reliable

I'm interested in a gift card sharing site - has anyone used Cardpool?.
Do you agree with Cardpool's TrustScore? Voice your opinion today and hear what customers have already said. |, established in allows people to buy or sell gift cards in one of the largest and fastest growing gift card exchanges on the internet today.
I was pleasantly surprised that I could purchase my grandson a gift card and pay less than it was worth! Definitely I am not going to do any business with cardpool any. I love buying and selling from cardpool reliable They have great prices and save me lots of money! Katina was invited to write this review by Cardpool. You needed to call the merchant . cardpool reliable

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Tap stars to rate. Unlike other gift card exchanges, Cardpool buys gift cards directly from you, which gives them the ability to verify the balance and authenticity of the card, and then holds it until someone wishes to purchase it from them. Here's recap of the reasons: TLDR: Cardpool is probably fine for casual use but it's not worth it for HD. By this time I was getting a little frustrated and paranoid over saving a few bucks. I hesitantly gave them my information, and still have not received the electronic gift card I purchased from them over a week ago, and cannot get in touch with anyone over the phone. I get wrecked at Hearthstone. (Help me draft please)