Ace on the river review player

ace on the river review player

Ace On The River contains an odd mix of material – a short memoir of Barry Greenstein's playing career, discussion of a large number of poker.
When Ace on the River came out it created some controversy. Mason Malmuth praised Barry Greenstein is a successful high limit player. Doyle Brunson asked.
Ace on the River has 594 ratings and 27 reviews. said: After This is a fascinating book and Barry is a great poker player. I read it about three.

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And now — thanks to televised tournaments — tens of thousands of new players are eager to claim their share of poker glory. The same kind of situation exists in poker when played for big money — aspects such as game selection, sleep schedule, money management, travel, home life etc. Now with Gus Hansen by your side, you too can turbo-charge your game and watch it take off! After he graduated college, Jeff picked up poker, and he has been playing semi-professionally ever since. Good for getting your mind back in the game and helping you figure out how to think about your opponents and their possible hands. Nowhere does Barry promise this. If you are worried about too much mathematical theory however, do not fret as Barry keeps things relatively simple. ace on the river review player

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I would be hard-pressed to find a better book on how to think and act like a winning poker player. They include proper hand selection, appropriate aggression, bluffing, semi-bluffing, understanding tells and telegraphs, choosing the right games, and reading hands. More of a generalist work than anything. This is an interesting book. Citizens Please Note: Information contained within is. Details if other :. Ace on the River by Barry Greenstein. To be successful, you must be able to master all of them and then apply them at the appropriate times. Greenstein tells the reader his personal story. Nobody plays his or her best every day. He has won - and lost - in tournaments and cash games around the globe, all the while studying the game and learning from every hand dealt. Ace on the River also goes into discourse about different aspects of the game and how they correlate to certain facets of life.