Galil ace 556

galil ace 556

When the IWI Galil ACE 32 in arrived at TTAG's secret .. How about the SIG 556R in with STG 90 side folding stock.
IWI US announced Thursday that the long-awaited Galil ACE Rifle Model in is finally shipping to dealers Move over 5.56 and 7.62 there is a new ACE in town. • 3 months ago.
im not sure the galil ace really provides ENOUGH of a difference over the 556 AK i already have.. especially once i put on the AR magwell  Which one: X95 or Galil Ace 556?. galil ace 556 IWI Galil ACE- Review: Absolutely NOT an AK replacement. Nonwithstanding whatever soft spots, galil ace 556 admit that you are like some odd kid at school that wants to be special for the purpose of being special, because it seems to be a running theme here on TFB to come with some absurd claim and just grab the popcorn and wait for the reactions. Last I looked non of the true Galils use AR mags unless you mod the mag well. Location: US, Pennsylvania, Roaring Spring PA. Small arms and squad weapons produced by Israel Military Industries or Israel Weapon Industries. Ruggedness and grace combined. You can place your faith in precedent.

Galil ace 556 - technology

The Barrel and Front Sight Base. Nice looking gun though. The safety on the right side is an index finger safety. Chile also rejected the SIG in favor of the ACE. I see a pattern here.