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ACE will help to answer emerging fundamental science questions associated with aerosols, clouds, air quality and global ocean ecosystems. Earth image.
Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) Home Page at Caltech. Likely Source of Galactic Space Radiation April 21, NASA GSFC Press.
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The RTSW system gathers solar wind and energetic particle data at high time resolution from four ACE instruments MAG, SWEPAM, EPAM, and SIS , packs the data into a low-rate bit stream, and broadcasts the data continuously. The SWEPAM observations are made simultaneously with independent electron SWEPAM-e and ion SWEPAM-i instruments. When you talk about security programs at NASA, we seem to wait for DHS to tell us what to do. Aerosols measured by ACE include those of both man-made and natural origins, the latter of which is contributed significantly by ocean ecosystems. But when you see malware spike and then persist over days or weeks or months, that tells us there are little to no internal security controls inside the organization to detect and respond to incidents.