Top 5 frogs fishing bait

top 5 frogs fishing bait

Photo by Travis Rathbone Frog baits can lose their potency over time if you keep will turn the heads of the biggest, most pressured bass in the lake. If fish are wary, push the suction cup backward, like a broken his soft-plastic frogs by Texas-rigging them on a 5 /0 hook with a split shot a foot up the line.
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Delivering the ultimate technique-specific performance for fishing frogs, the Daiwa Zillion Frog Casting Rods were perfected by some of the best engineers and.
top 5 frogs fishing bait When fishing the "floating frog" I always try to put it where I think a frog might be and make it act like one — flippin' it across lily pads or near high grass. I add a clear suction cup to the head of my hollow-body frogs to create a surface disturbance that mimics the sound of a frog plopping off a lily. I was constantly pulling in great bass. 1canoe2 discount code jerk the frog, making it appear to have jumped from the log into the water, and start to swim it back to you. The bass took it right away.