Acid porting intake manifold

acid porting intake manifold

Which acid is used for porting aluminum and cast iron? . system to promote material removal in both intake and exhaust manifolds as well as  Acid porting • Speed Talk.
Looking for anyone that does acid porting on intake manifolds for small block Chrysler. Have got prices on extrude honing and would like to More results from
My question would be related to acid for the purpose of cleaning cast iron and smoothing out the roughness of the cast in the intake manifold and cylinder heads.

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Do not use sodium hydroxide as a neutralizer, as it will also eat through aluminum. Don't mix it with clorox! That's why most strong acids come in plastic containers. View Public Profile Find More Posts by AltimaXX. You must log in or sign up to reply here. acid porting intake manifold
Keep some vinegar in a spray bottle in case you get it on your clothes or skin. It is black because of the amount of dissolved iron in the solution. It even specifies dilution, time If you find yourself unprepared while its burning away, you can always just abort by pouring vinegar in. You WILL need this because this stuff will burn the hell out of your skin and clothes, and you need to stop the acid process at some point. "How To" Port polish an intake manifold