Aladdin wishes to be a prince

aladdin wishes to be a prince

spoilers for the first and third Aladdin movies.) So in the first movie, Aladdin wishes to become a prince. Not to appear to be a prince. To.
In Aladdin, since the wish to be a Prince was not really granted, shouldn't he have had 2 wishes left, able to free the genie and have a wish for.
Technically, he only made two wishes. When the Genie got them to escape from the cave, . Written Nov 22. There were lime 4 wishes. To get out of the cave of wonders; Make Aladdin a prince or nobleman; Even though Akddin did not say it. aladdin wishes to be a prince Here's how 1500 works:. Don't have an account? Aladdin tells Abu that he isn't worthless, and that he doesn't have fleas, but when he realizes that there's nothing he can do about it, he finally calms down to a rather depressed mood, and the two begin their way home. The script is very clear on the first point. Log in or sign up in seconds. No, no, no, not that one. Aladdin tells a sleeping Abu that someday they'll be rich, and live in the palace with no more problems. Jafar's Prince Ali Version (HQ)