Canoe accident wi 1/4/16

canoe accident wi 1/4/16

Recovery crews will once again search a frozen Wisconsin lake in hopes of finding man, the fourth and final victim of a deadly canoe accident.
Christopher McQuillen was killed near Wisconsin Dells on Jan. 4, 2016 when his canoe sank. His family speaks about their love for one.
that was recovered after a canoe accident in a Wisconsin lake according to a release from UPDATED Monday, January 4, 2016 p.m. canoe accident wi 1/4/16
Dive teams responded and within a few hours, bodies of two men were found on the lake bed, Roberts said. Among the four families, the McQuillens agreed to share what their loss has meant to 2AC. The bodies of two other men were pulled from the lake Sunday. The names of the other three have not been released, but a statement from New Trier High School said all four attended the school "for all or part of their high school years. He emerged as a leader and stayed on after graduation to be a canoe accident wi 1/4/16 and work on a ranch. No personal flotation devices or life jackets were found in the water at the scene, he said.