Dota 2 update

dota 2 update

Fixed a bug preventing item combines from building the item into the inventory slot that contained a recipe used in the combine. - Added a new feature in the.
Community-Authored Bots. Programmers, scripters, and mad scientists rejoice! You can now create your own Dota bots using a brand new scripting API. Upload.
A new patch has been dispatched for the main client. More info will be edited in as I analyze the patch. Analysis Status: Done. Blog Post.
dota 2 update

Dota 2 update - players only

Winter Treasure II is now available, featuring Underlord's item set debut, as well as new sets for Silencer, Lifestealer, Lina, Death Prophet, Broodmother, Batrider, and Keeper of the Light. Additional Hero Level Changes. Along with Clarity Potion, Healing Salve, and Bottle. Items can always be moved out of backpack with no Inactivity timer when near a shop. Community bots are available for download in the Bot Settings section of the Advanced Lobby Settings. We even have the latest drama from the Heroes of the Storm: Global Championship.