Negative things about being a nurse

negative things about being a nurse

Being a nurse comes with responsibilities and sacrifices. Get berated by a physician for forgetting one thing when you have remembered 100 other things? Remember your worst nightmare was when you dreamt that the.
Since I have been an registered nurse for almost a year, I have been able to see the positive and negative things /aspects of being an registered.
In order to give a fair and accurate account of being a travel nurse, we thought it was only appropriate to present the high and low points of this career.

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The job is demanding: psychologically, emotionally, and physically. When you decide to follow a calling, to take part in a rewarding vocation, you can typically look past any aggravations because as a whole you feel totally blessed with your job. My biggest complaint is that management always calls nurses into the office to punish us. You are still excpected to carry on and do your job as if nothing happened. Urgent care centers are also an option. The best way to decide if nursing if the right path for you is to spend some time seeing exactly what nurses do every day. Some days you walk in and you may not leave just one patient's room for three or four hours depending on how sick he or she is.

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Many nurses develop back problems, so learn to use proper body mechanics early and buy a great heating pad. Your email address will not be published. Others, such as burnout, will require emotional support and counseling. Knowing what you did helped someone can be a very gratifying aspect of the job. I personally do not care about holidays much but this gets to many people after YEARS of it. negative things about being a nurse You can be strict nights but that has a waiting list as. The doctors are the least of my concerns in my job when I think of negatives. Radiation Levels and Their Effects on People. The staffis short to begin with and there is a ton of work and no one to cover for you. Nurses deal with blood and other bodily fluids.