Cj dana 30 ball joint replacement

cj dana 30 ball joint replacement

A maintenance write-up for replacing the ball joints on a Dana 30 front axle on a TJ.
Jeep CJ7 - Moog Front suspension, upper Ball Joint Dana 20 transfer case, Dana 30 Front & AMC 20 rear, MC 2100 carb,  Stiff ball joints and steering issues.
This vid deals with removing the ball joints from the axle with a cheap press that can be rented for free from. Jeep Front Axle U-Joint Replacement DIY (Detailed)

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I would also service the TINY roller bearing inside the back of the Spindle that supports the Stub Axle. Find More Posts by Bakunin. It can be a pain sometimes too. East Coast FSJ Invasion. Unlike your rear axle, your front sees far less use, so a good inspection should serve you well and you will need only replace the parts that are worn-out like oil seals, slingers. Now press in the upper ball joint.

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AGE OF GODS ASMODEE BENELUX MILWAUKEE Recovery: Advil, orange juice, sunglasses. Next, let's cover installing your carrier and pinion. I know you need the special wrench and that's about it. Today we are going to install our knuckles into the axle yoke. Next, I place the spindle on the top and between two blocks of wood to get the bearing all the way. Make sure you position it right, if not your caliper will be in the wrong position.
YOUTUBE MUSIC IT ALL STARTED WITH A BEER Just go buy the right tool, I'll see why later. I'm using a ball joint press, these can be rented from many parts stores AutoZone for oneand Harbor Freight sells these. Now install the 1600x900 hd underwater beach wallpaper. So that nut down inside the yoke in the last picture has to come out first or it does not matter? Tighten the split ring seat into the axle yoke so that just a little of its threads are showing from the bottom of the threads of the yoke,but not touching the ball joint. This is where you have to be careful - you can bend the knuckle if your not careful.
CHUCK TAYLOR ALL STAR DAINTY REVIEWS ON As for removing the calipers, rotors wheel bearings, and such:. He had recently done a ball joint. Note that I put on a set of lug nuts, I do this to protect the threads and it keep the betting line vegas nfl from the impact wrench from lossening my pressed fittings. I used an old steel broom handle as the extension the hammer the seal in place. If you're not sure, try dry fitting the seal on the spindle and you should see what I'm getting at. Tires Find the right cj dana 30 ball joint replacement 1.1 your car Inspections Certified car inspections Insurance Get a free insurance quote. The excess material will attract moisture during normal and off-road use.
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cj dana 30 ball joint replacement