NASA's LCROSS probe and its spent Centaur rocket stage were purposely crashed into the large crater Cabeus Friday, Oct. 9.
Watch the final 6 minutes of NASA's LCROSS mission to smash the moon's surface, in search of water ice.
In the early hours of Friday morning at the spent Centaur rocket from the NASA LCROSS mission slammed into the surface of the south.


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Even world class telescopes such as the Hale telescopeequipped with adaptive optics, did not detect LCROSS plume. For more than a decade, planetary scientists have seen tantalizing hints of water ice at the bottom of these cold craters where the sun LCROSS shines. Tell us what you think. If anyone would've had a shot of seeing it, it was us. NASA's LCROSS Wins Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award.

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Image above: Artist's rendering of the LCROSS spacecraft and Centaur separation. Several hundred miles west in San Diego, California, there was some debate about whether the impacts had been visible from Earth... Great point on the facts being more interesting than the conspiracy theoried. National Geographic News, Reporting Your World Daily. The water findings came through an analysis of the slight shifts in color after the impact, showing telltale signs of water molecules that had absorbed specific wavelengths of light. Living With a Star. LCROSS
Palomar Observations of LCROSS Moon Impact

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The LCROSS science payload consists of two near-infrared spectrometers, a visible light spectrometer, two mid-infrared cameras, two near-infrared cameras, a visible camera and a visible radiometer. The Greatest Moon Crashes Ever. Lunar Precursor Robotic Program. LCROSS Program Receives Accolade From Space Foundation, Wins Swigert Award for Space Exploration. Scientists say it could be days before data transmitted by LCROSS are fully analyzed. Flashback: NASA Chief Honors Dr.