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Aborted Arc : Drunk Minecraft and, by extension, drunk playthroughs of anything else is pretty much done forever, considering Mark's body can't process alcohol correctly and continuing the series would mean putting his health at risk. Actual Pacifist : Mark in real life is strongly opposed to the idea of violence and even expressed in a Tumblr post that he would gladly lay down his life if it meant that generations from now, cruelty becomes a thing of the past. But, before the game can save, Mark quits to the title screen and reloads the game. Mark leaves the screen, screaming in frustration, then returns, burying his face in the back of his chair, along with several Big Nos. Ham-to-Ham Combat : With the Stanley Parable narrator. They NEVER turn out right! Markiplier on Catlateral Damage : Hope you enjoyed that. It was good for me. And again for Polaris ' US vs. If lordminion777 gaming with kev is the first time you've encountered this error, please restart your computer. And it's very fun. He even plays through the entire game again just to avoid the outcome, complete with an Atomic F-Bomb. Mark: What if I put thrusters on a baby? Lovecraft Story There Is No Game They Breathe Totally Accurate Battle Simulator To the Moon UnExit Underhell Undertale Unfair Mario Until Dawn Vanish The Visitor The Visitor Returns VVVVVV Wick The Witch's House Whack Your Boss Whack the Thief Which Where Am I Yandere Simulator Abnormal Limb HTC Salsa Range : Mark can twist his feet backwards and walk with no problem. HI DIDDLY HO, NEIGHBORINO...