Poker aa vs kk vs qq

poker aa vs kk vs qq

Maybe I should start with the odds of being dealt either AA KK QQ, then times As an aside, some people hold up AA vs KK as evidence of site  AK vs QQ?.
Aces vs Kings vs Queens (and Jacks were folded) Watch more action from EPTLive here:
COM The most amazing Poker Hand with Kallakis, D`Mahoney and Hickman. Unbelievable Poker Hand AA. All Slots Online Casino — where the fun starts! If when you have KK you're thinking about the odds of AA and KK being in the same hand, its not the right way to think about it, as you already know a KK is in the hand, so ignore that. You may not post attachments. More Great Poker Articles! I look at my hand and I have AA.
Incredible poker hand!! AA vs KK vs QQ texas hold'em poker aa vs kk vs qq

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Game: Yes, I am. However, one occasion when you will be an odds on favorite to win a substantial pot is when one of your opponents has been dealt a pair of kings, the classic AA vs KK confrontation! Doubling Down and Blackjack Optimization. Is online poker dominating real-world poker? Switch to Hybrid Mode. And its also flawed thinking on those odds. Full Ring NL Hold'em.