Texas Rising

Texas Rising

Watching the first six hours of “ Texas Rising,” a wonderfully cast and otherwise completely wooden miniseries, one has to wonder what inspired.
Nominated for three Emmys, ' Texas Rising ' tells the epic story of the Texas Revolution following the fall of The Alamo. Featuring an all-star cast, including Bill.
Synopsis: This miniseries chronicles the Texas Revolution against Mexico in the, and the rise of the Texas Rangers. Texas Rising

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My original plan was to watch it with my family in segments, but we all got so caught up in the story line that we decided to watch the entire movie in one sitting. The one thing I could not tolerate was towards the end of final episode, they unraveled the Texas flag behind Sam Houston during a speech. This is not desert country. To those of you who are sons and daughters of the Republic, I am truly outraged and embarrassed on your behalf. Yes, sign me up to receive HISTORY emails.

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