Football players of all time

football players of all time

Photos: 100 greatest NFL players of all time. 100. Joe Namath. LA Times File Photo. Joe Namath (QB) Jets - First Year: 1965 - 9 seasons - Drafted: Round.
Who are the best high school football players to ever come out of Central New York? We're talking home-grown, Central New York, Section III.
Football, soccer as its known in states, is by far the most played and watched sport in the world and football has seen some of the greatest athletes over the.

Football players of all time -

Football at the Summer Olympics. FIFA video game series. FIFA World Cup All-Time Team. Individual Brilliance: There are players who carry an average team single handedly to success largely down to their unique individual brilliance. Two is pretty good. A car crash is a terrifying experience that almost everyone has the potential to experience. football players of all time Post, Schiaffino, Van Basten, Didi, Best, Matthews, Bican. He simply found ways to win through his great mind and fabulous athleticism. No one else can do what Ronaldo did. I believe to his skill and kick messi's ass off I cannot believe he is not up here already, this player holds one of the most impressive highlight reels to date. He had hugely successfull career with both his national team Germnay and club team Bayern Munich. Information and media on this page and throughout Ranker is supplied by Wikipedia, Ranker users, and other sources. Top 50 NFL Players of All Time