.22 Remington Special

.22 Remington Special

Chuck Hawks shares information about the.22 WRF Rimfire cartridge. The.22 WRF . 22 Remington Special). By Chuck Hawks.22 WRF. Illustration courtesy.
The 22 Winchester Rimfire (22 WRF) is NOT a 22 Long Rifle rimfire (22LR) and NOT a 22 Winchester Magnum (22 WMR). The 22 Winchester Rimfire, aka 22.
Winchester 1890 Pump. 22 WRF BEAUTIFUL! 22 Winchester Model 1890 Pistol Grip 22 WRF w/ Crate remington model 12. 22 special WRF 22. You are using an out of date browser. Yes that's true, remington special and WRF are interchangable, I believe the only difference is that one or the other came with a round nose bullet and the other more of a spitzer nose. This Might Interest You. Search this thread. BUT if you shoot regular power, american pocer 2 speed, or Stingers .22 Remington Special a WRF or Magnum chamber, at best you will get a bulged case, lousy accuracy, and probably a jam, depending on action type.

Official: .22 Remington Special

.22 Remington Special Paul livermore son of jesse livermore
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.22 Remington Special

.22 Remington Special - backgammon

Thanks guys, His rifle is an old Stevens Favorite. Marty, I've never heard of ". The latter type proved especially popular, and a significant number of American shooters began gravitating toward these slide-action, a. Some mornings, it just doesn't seem worth it, to chew through the straps! Elk Castle Shooting Sports. It featured a compact receiver and a tubular magazine.. Please contact us with any questions, or for purchase options.