Fun act games

fun act games

ACT and SAT Prep just got a lot more fun with the Zero Hour Threat™ game! Zero Hour Threat™ is a game designed to raise SAT and ACT scores while having.
The target is an ACT skill area—of course you want to have fun with your ACT game, but it needs to accomplish a goal. Make sure that the game targets, say, the.
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Create a New Game Copy This Game. Half the fun of playing ACT games is finding new and creative ways to turn test prep into play or competition. Our program is entirely online, and it customizes your prep program to your strengths and weaknesses. Bonnie Terry Learning offers The Sentence Zone , a fun way to improve writing and grammar skills that can be played by two to six people and features six levels — making it a good way for family members to practice together. This page has printable crosswords and answer keys in a variety of academic subjects, several of which could definitely function as a fun review of some key subject-matter concepts for the ACT. Become an adverstising partner. Play games to raise your score. She received a BA from Harvard in Folklore and Mythology and is currently pursuing graduate studies at Columbia University. Dont guess on me, it'll count more against you. This will help keep studying from getting too stressful while still keeping your brain working throughout a session! fun act games