Restaurants accept paypal

restaurants accept paypal

There are a whole lot of places to shop online that don't seem to be as crazy about PayPal. Here's a little maneuver you can use on sites that don't accept.
Other changes include a new tab called "Shop" that lets users find nearby stores or restaurants that accept PayPal. The tab also lets you check.
looking for something I can use my $15 sitting in paypal on so I get some food . Servy - Get Rewarded for Giving Feedback at Restaurants You May PP app and look up the places that accept paypal in your area with it. Find More Solutions Most popular tags. I could have avoided all that hassle using your method. I signed up for a paypal prepaid mastercard restaurants accept paypal is now linked to my original paypal account. I do 5 card draw strategy ALL THE TIME! Click Here to find out. Subway is updating its mobile app to include PayPal OneTouch as a payment option, as well as allowing customers to order on-the-go on its website.