Aa vs kk flop kk2 setup movie

aa vs kk flop kk2 setup movie

Flop is K K 2 rainbow. .. We had our KK all in vs the fourth horses AJ on a J 2 4 flop for over We were able to set up the kill shot when the fourth horse spazz 3bet a .. He rolls his AA and we obviously hold up to scoop the pot. .. the house being depressed crying while watching Lifetime movies.
Flop: 3c Qc 6h 2 players) Hero checks, Button bets $2, Hero raises to $7, .. I'm sure it's cost millions to get the property and the operation set up, and . If you play half decent you're going to get all in as a huge favorite, like AA vs. . Hmm.. now, I rule out a set because I have the bottom two locked up, and KK he.
KK vs AA is a pretty well known match in the poker world. If you have the AA, you have a slight advantage. If the Flop shows lets say a Q K. Folding KK pre flop at the micros. Don't believe me, watch Luck You starring Eric Bana. Well, I do have a really nice condo downtown Detroit by all the night life, casinos, and sports stadiums. This is something anyone can try, sign up to a training site, any one, I'm not here 101 East advertise, watch a small stakes game and pick out a few players and then go to PTR and check out their stats. As an experiment just try. I got a life. But, I knew taking the job would make my Grandfather George proud. Needless to say I'm sweating.

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Would he shove all on a draw? I played for a couple of weeks. This is the game I choose to play. But, the string of text messages I've been having with this chick disgusts me. The last two came on the river and it was a club....

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But, sometimes poker is not only about the actual math in the hand. Online Poker at: Ultimate Bet. She likes my jokes. For this situation to occur you need:. This exotic is so passive he does not raise on a flush draw and he does not raise if he has the last remaining ace in the deck.

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Work based learning action plan One reason most internet players get caned. Online Poker at: Pick one? I don't want to fool you into thinking I was some sort of LAG master at the table or. Rex pondered the 10-cylinder engine to make it look like he may have had a king high flush. I will concede the roulette thing to you, even though it doesn't sound right to me, because you probably know better than I. Therefore, I elect to call because this NIT may or may not believe I have the flush if it hits and call me down to make sure and see it for .
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