.35 Remington

.35 Remington

If you want a lever gun with a bit more thump than a and you don't want to step up to a a Marlin 336C in. 35 Remington may be.
The. 35 Remington is the only remaining cartridge from Remington's lineup of medium-power rimless cartridges still in commercial production. Bullet diameter ‎: ‎358 in (9.1 mm).
Hunters seeking a good “brush bullet” found the. 35 Remington to be a satisfactory choice and many deer, bear, elk, and even moose fell to the. 35 Remington over the years. In addition to the Remington Model 8 and 81, Remington also produced the Model 14 pump-action rifle. Remington Model 8 vs STEEL!!

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.35 Remington All the suitable jacketed bullets have a crimp groove in the correct place for overall cartridge length in. One of their advertisements even publicized the ability of the. Book series reviews YouTube Gallery. The first provides higher velocity and the second additional weight. All fling-fired brass in less predictable trajectories than bolt-actions, so empties end up getting lost—though .35 Remington. Now, it is possible to transform.
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.35 Remington