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Aladdin: 3 rules. MovieMistakes views · You're getting your wishes, so SIT DOWN Missing: radicals ‎ reveille.
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You see where this is going. So, he's done it, and seen the results, but expressly stating that he can't do it now. This rule is voluntarily vague because of the vast array of possible situations e. Jafar, as a genie, at one point strands a man at the bottom of the ocean to drown, showing that while a genie can't end a life himself, he doesn't have any obligation to prevent a death either, even if it's by circumstances he himself has arranged. C'est tout ce que nous savons. The second one is confirmed twice. Lets be honest, wishing for the falling in love is a little rape-y what with not having consent, it's a good one to avoid. We also never see anyone wishing to specifically undo a previous wish. We get a lot of complaints and meta posts regarding the quality 1000 ferrite bead sizes and thread posts, if you have complaints please message the mods instead of making a post on the subreddit. Genie's three rules: Can't kill anyone, can't make people fall in love and can't bring anyone back from the dead.