Android 4.4.2 update problems

android 4.4.2 update problems

Consider this a public service announcement: The Android KitKat update is old news. In June, Google finally released a massive bug fix.
same stock device, 4.4, retar via ota for install update and android died can start te Hi, we're talking about issues installing not 4.4.
My battery life is terrible since I updated my phone!!!! This is absolutely annoying. I use to go hrs with out charging and since I'm lucky to  The new KitKat Update Causing GPS Issues.

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Clicked on it one time when it showed up, saw that a voice recorder app was using it, removed the app. We do our best in finding appropriate solutions, writing troubleshooting guides and fixes. These updates have a tendency to wreck havoc on rooted and customized devices. KitKat battery drain was the first KitKat problem we encountered too back when we downloaded it long ago. I've heard of a few people that did a factory reset right after the upgrade. Android 4.4.2 Camera Bug Discovered!

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Android KitKat has its problems. SERIOUS Problem: Android Phone.... Booting into safe mode will disable three party applications. No additional steps from tech support helped. Log in here Android KitKat has its problems.