Odds of rolling 5 dice same number

odds of rolling 5 dice same number

(Since we're asking about the odds of all five events occurring, we multiply the odds The odds of rolling 5 dice the same number is 1 in.
Getting the same value on all 5 dice in one roll. So the odds of rolling a yahtzee of any particular number in one roll are * 1/6 =.
If I roll five dice, what's the chance that exactly two of the die show the same number? I know that the total number of possible outcomes is 6 5 = the probability that at least 2 of the die will have the same outcome.

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Thanks for the compliment. This will be true for any number of dice rolled, not just two. I am wondering how many dice would one have to roll at one time so that the odds are on the side of the person rolling the dice. It is a little easier getting a specified sequence of sevens starting with the first roll, or ending with the last, because the sequence is bounded on one side. What are the odds of rolling the same number with six dice in one roll? Also, why do I have a lot of negative votes?. For the benefit of other readers, a Yahtzee is a five of a kind with five dice.