Slap aces card trick

slap aces card trick

This trick was an entry for number #11 contest. It is original and very cool.
Nate Leipzig, The Ubiquitous Cards, 3 peeked-at cards, 3 times stop trick Nate Leipzig, Sixth Method, aces vanish from deck, reappear via Slap Aces.
Learn an easy to do card trick in which you find two cards in the deck by slapping the rest of the deck out of your hand. How To: Perform the " slap " magic card trick How To: Perform the four aces card trick.

Slap aces card trick - basketball clipart

The Dai Vernon Book of Magic. Perform a slap deck card magic trick. I have performed this effect under many different conditions and it never fails to entertain and register with a powerful impact. You are commenting using your Facebook account. This is rather advanced stuff. Match made in Heaven you and vernon. slap aces card trick
Free Magic Tricks: Slap Aces Tutorial

Slap aces card trick - betting

In the last few years, I have added a number of gambling routines to my professional repertoire. Nate Leipzig see also " Kneesy! Match made in Heaven you and vernon. It may not display this or other websites correctly. There is no explanation on some dvd then? All Card Trick Videos.