At what time

at what time

Hawaii votes last at 2:00 p.m. local time p.m. Eastern), though, as the state voted for Hillary Clinton, its Electoral College vote will likely not.
but I have seen some sentences where they use AT before "what time " (At what time ?) Could anybody tell me which is the right way??.
Telling time is an important skill to master when learning a new language. Being able to say the hours in Spanish not only allows us to tell the.

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So when would be the best time to look up to the moon? Integrating Technology in the High School Classroom with Video Lessons. Here is the hour-by-hour sequence of events, as provided by the White House. I don't understand the difference between "what" and "at what". You will be required to show a photo ID. What's the Time?
at what time Johnson and his wife, Lady Bird, wave as they leave the inaugural gala held at the National Guard Armory in Washington on Jan. Start Your Free Trial Today. Vinson administers the oath of office to Truman in front of the Capitol on Jan. Giving Directions in Spanish. At what time will you come to meet me?.