Best spells in harry potter

best spells in harry potter

Spells in Harry Potter occur in the fictional wizarding world of the series of books by author J. K. Potion as Reginald 'Reg' Cattermole from Magical Maintenance) as the best way to clear up the incessant rain in Yaxley's office at the Ministry.
I would put all of the Unforgivables at place THREE, simply for their Ability to penetrate any Some other good spells include the Fidelius charm and the Patronus charm. Both of which can be used effectively if done well. The last one I' m going.
Check the definitive list of " Harry Potter " spells ranked by how much they'd As it turns out, magic is best when it allows you to be lazy, and no. Notes: This spell may be the Permanent Sticking Charm or a variation. Notes: The spell can apparently be used against any object, but was not effective when used against Inferi because they could not feel pain or bleed. Notes: It is possible that Mobiliarbus and Mobilicorpus are variations of the same basic spell, since they share the "Mobili-" stem. Description: Makes a magically magnified voice return to normal. Finite Incantatem General Counter-Spell.

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Numen - The Latin Lexicon. Description: Multicorfors is a charm used to change the colour of one's clothing.. Locomotor Wibbly Jelly-Legs Curse. Description: Creates a bandage and a splint.. Can't find a community you love? Notes: Whilst in the first book, when the spell is cast the lock or door must be tapped once, in the fifth, a healer simply points her wand at the door to cast it, and on Pottermore the wand motion is seen as a backward 'S'.. best spells in harry potter