Cardstock weight

cardstock weight

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(and the weights continue to go this is still 'text weight ''t let the similar weights confuse you with cardstock. Please see table above with.
Whereas the metric system is standard across all weights of papers. For example, a card stock may be a 80# Cover or 80# Text. But in the Metric system, the. I would really appreciate the infomation. This is why, sometimes, the same cardstock weight paper may be referred to as two different things. My Account Please Sign In. Should be scored before folding to avoid cracking along the fold. But this is the important follow question:.

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For those people printing cards business cards and postcards , the rules are different. Text Weight Sheets : Thin, flexible sheets similar to ordinary office paper, or the pages of a book. In order from lightest weight to heaviest! These card stock sheets:. Buy More, Save More. Sincerely one confused with paper weights Hi Nancy. Do you offer samples? Shabby Polka Dot Background

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What is COVER weight paper? Sincerely one confused with paper weights. My Account Please Sign In. This question is especially tricky to answer over the Internet, so bear with me:. Choose from several finishes, weights, and colors. Checkout faster with your own account. Automatically receive deliveries on the schedule you set. cardstock weight