Gods that counter anubis

gods that counter anubis

God forbid the Anubis have a teammate next to him. Any advice? . To counter his combo, you just gotta stand there and take it..:).
I get shit on all the time when i play against an Anubis. How do you guys counter him? Special items or gods? I'm maining mid lane so would.
Not every god can handle every god. There are hard counters for everyone. You just found yours, atleast when it came to mid 1v1; since you. gods that counter anubis

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Gods that counter anubis 513
3 PARLAYS OF 2 TEAMS GAMES AND TOURNAMENT SOFTWARE Never build out of your role. I don't every play joust, but it seems like you're going to have to bait out most of his abilities. Official SmitePro Youtube page. Best tactic is to bait his abilities then use cooldowns to your advantage. Log in or sign up in seconds. I used to main chang'e and had a lot of success against anubis but i feel like shes a really risky pick right gods that counter anubis in joust because of how many hunters there are in joust. Agni's passive was ticking extra damage and his flame wave was hitting all the minions.
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