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/r/cyberdeck · /r/oculus · /r/VRUI · /r/ vive - Yet another virtual desktop (but this one is open source) (hanna-barbera.info) moreso than end-users - that the architecture used by streams screen captured image data.
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SAIRENTO VR #2 (VIVE) I haven't tried a vive or rift so I don't know how much difference the higher native There is also to look into.

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Currently I just run it in single view mode. How to fix the black screen issue. You won't be able to vote or comment. Hopefully I can get the bad ones worked out and get this thing working in a comfortable manner where deciding to turn it on and take a whirl isn't an exercise in frustration and broken electric dreams. The wiki is well out of date. PSA: The latest SteamVR-OSVR driver is not yet compatible with the new tracking update - stay tuned! Make sure OSVR server is running and reporting tracking of the camera if you have it. Hellicott City is one 3desk vive the most stable experiences I have. I literally started feeling ill after a few minutes, which I am not prone to doing. I gave Virtual Desktop my money anyway because it's a nicely polished product and I was hoping it would let me play games in "cinema mode" but unfortunately it seems to have issues because the SteamVR-OSVR driver doesn't yet support Direct Mode. Especially once the PSVR comes out and more people start looking at VR rather than hardcore gamers and 3desk vive and people without the very top end PC's want to be included! This is an archived post. See the relevant sticky post for details.