Animal welfare and rights in Spain

Animal welfare and rights in Spain

Spain is divided into 17 autonomous communities, which in turn are divided into 50 provinces. ANIMAL PROTECTION LAWS IN ANDALUCIA - Source A.I.D.
Spain is known for its beauty and character but a long shadow lingers over this Mediterranean nation. Here's the top 10 animal cruelty traditions.
of animal protection as a societal value within the country, including government support for the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare, prohibition of cruelty.

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If there is no identification the finder has the right to keep the animal or contact the Spanish equivalent of the RSPCA SPAP for assistance. The Pero Palo Festival in Villanueva de la Vera. The law also prohibits negligently or intentionally abusing, neglecting or allowing animals to deteriorate. Shockingly, this festival also involves drunk, sadistic Spaniards tormenting and torturing a helpless animal. Deeply implanted in Spanish culture are some of the most offensive animal cruelty traditions known to modern man. Based on the information received during consultation, there is acknowledgement of the importance of education on animal welfare throughout different levels in the country. Finally, and in addition to the above, autonomous communities have particular provisions for the control of stray dog populations within their legal systems.

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Duties of implementation are mandated by legislation. Apparently these townsfolk also just hate donkeys. There is a well-structured system of laws for animal protection and welfare in Spain. Here, a bull has a rope tied to its horns while dozens of men chase and drag it to the abattoir. Recognition Governance Standards Education Awareness.. The ANAA Asociacion Nacional Amigos de los Animales is based in Madrid but works nationally.
Despite international and national pressure, these brutal events continue watch ae live to the substantial spin-off business revenue. Retrieved from " The government is encouraged to strengthen the enforcement mechanisms on the welfare of captive animals to ensure that they are a sufficient deterrent to bad practice and cruelty in the industry. It is recommended that the Spanish government publishes details of progress upon monitoring such goals in order to drive progress in the country. Prevent the pet from attacking other animals or people, as well from creating any kind of damage. Animal welfare and rights in Spain