Green alien from flinstones

green alien from flinstones

don't trust aliens. The Flintstones Meet The Great Gazoo 2. chuckwier. SubscribeSubscribedUnsubscribe.
The Flintstones did some pretty stupid things in their day. Here are five Why is an alien in a TV show about stone-age humans? The Great Gazoo was a little, green man exiled to Earth after running amok on his home planet.
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On the Road American Icons History Around the Web. Edit this wiki page. Gazoo refers to Fred and Barney as "dum-dums" and constantly causes problems for them. Introducing the Great Gazoo from Planet Zetox, sent to primitive Earth to redeem himself by aiding earthlings such as Barney and Fred. The Flintstone Primetime Specials. Biggest "jump the shark" moment.. green alien from flinstones The Little White Lie