Rules for dice game zonk

rules for dice game zonk

Zonk! is a dice game of unknown origin. The game has many different versions. This manual is not intended to be the true rules of Zonk!, rather, this is just the.
Zonk Rules. The game of Zonk uses 5 dice. Each time that you roll the dice you must save out at least one die that has point value. You may roll the remaining.
Dice is the name of a family dice game, very similar to Farkle. It also goes by other names, including Zilch, Zilchers, Foo, Boxcar, Bogus and Crap Out. Contents. [hide]. 1 Play; 2 Scoring ; 3 Winning; 4 Related games. Play[edit]. The game requires six standard dice and a pencil and paper for scoring. . for more information on scoring variations and probabilities); Greed · Zonk. rules for dice game zonk

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GAME PLAY The game may be played by any number of players from two up. The equipment: Bong, weed, lighter, six dice, notebook, writing utensil. This article does not cite any sources. The remaining dice are then rolled again and again as long as the player rolls a score in the roll. The object of the game is to score points and acquire Bonuses B's.
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