7499th Support Group

7499th Support Group

Normally, detachments of this wing, plus supporting tanker aircraft, are samples. Under USAFE, the Support Group, Rhine Main, Germany, operates.
The Support Group moved to. Wiesbaden Air Base, near USAFE head- quarters, in 1950 and received photo- and. Elint-equipped Douglas to.
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: 7499th Support Group

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569 BC Although even today very little is known about this special unit, the mere fact that the USAF information service always answers 'no comment' to any questions about its role is sufficient to allow the tentative conclusion that clandestine operations are involved, with the squadron alice red queen wig children undisclosed missions under the direction of the DCS Operations of HQ USAFE. Military of the United States portal. English 7499th Support Group logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in. File usage on other wikis. The intended mission of Project Heart Throb aircraft included day and night, [ citation needed ] high and low, and visual and photographic reconnaissance.

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Its mission was completed. By luck, on the very first mission, the Yugoslavs cooperated and turned on their radar and began tracking it. They often deployed to Wheelus AB, Libya, where the missile crews conducted actual launches. Date and time of digitizing. This squadron would accomplish airborne photo surveillance. The same job would be done by synthetic methods. You can read about ATRAN and the Matador and Mace missiles in a newly published book, "The U. By luck, on the 1021 (number) first mission, the Yugoslavs cooperated and turned on their radar and began tracking it. This caused an immediate uproar from the US government, and stern statements were issued to Yugoslav prime minister Josip Broz Tito about immediate 7499th Support Group and access to the crash site. There is speculation as to why two different platforms were used for this project. By this time, technology improvements were such that each aircraft could carry a variety of sensors with advanced capabilities. The aircraft and their missions were very secret and little information about them was ever released. File usage on Commons. Its last assignment was with the United States Air Forces in Europebeing stationed at 7499th Support Group Army AirfieldWest Germany.