Basketball 3 team teaser payout

basketball 3 team teaser payout

Review teaser odds and rules at The Greek Sportsbook. In this three team only teaser, you receive six points in your favor on basketball spreads and totals.
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To win betting NBA teasers you'll need to bet with the best odds available. required break even rate on 2- team “ties win” basketball teasers. 1 point: 251; 2 points: 347; 3 points: 333; 4 points: 370; 5 points: 413; 6 points. Moneyline parlays on big favorites basketball 3 team teaser payout Make money promoting online sportsbooks. Here are the general payouts on basketball teasers:. Alphabetical List of Games. The Truth about Betting Systems. Buying and Selling Extra Points. This is in incredible when compared to the teaser odds of other betting sites. If you want to be a winning sports bettor, be absolutely sure to avoid teasers involving basketball totals.